Quantum Bluestar Healing

Quantum Bluestar Healing

Quantum BlueStar Healing is a modality of Energy Healing that works on the etheric body as well as the physical body

This modality of healing is very effective at removing Past Life blockages that may be holding you back in this life from achieving your full potential.

It is also extremely effective at removing etheric implants and may have been placed there in past lives as well as your current incarnation.

Quantum BlueStar healing also helps to re align , balance and energise the chakras and is to my knowledge the only modality that can repair or replace damaged chakras.

This powerful and effective healing modality not only assists in bringing balane to ones life but allows us to move on to achieve that which we were incarnated on this earth to achieve in this lifetime.

This healing technique works to balance and align the chakra system of the body as well as connecting the body chakras with the etheric chakras.

This healing modality is designed to assist not only those who give, but also those who receive this healing. The energies designed within this healing modality are in alignment with the new energies that are coming in for the new Earth.

This is an opportunity for me to assist you in opening the door of your heart. Move into a place of balance and heart which can allow you the opportunity to become more of who you truly are.

Now is the time to begin the process of opening these doorways to make the changes that are so required now upon planet Earth.