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I am a crystal healer who mixes both crystal healing, Reiki and even Aroma Therapy as required for each individual client.

My beliefs were sorely tested on 4th September 2010, as were those of many thousands of other living in Christchurch at that time. The reason for my struggle was that I identify very strongly with Earth and this felt almost like a betrayal of my belief at that time.

This was further magnified by the fact that I was born under the sign of Capricorn which inherently links me to the earth aspect.

Through the journey of recovery post the Christchurch earthquakes, I had a startling revelation and found peace in the following phrase

Fire gives warmth but equally can burn and destroy, thus restoring its balance.

Water supports life but equally can drown or cause great floods, thus restoring its balance.

Air supplies our ability to breathe and support life yet storms and tornadoes can destroy, thus restoring balance to this aspect.

Earth is our foundation on which we live, it provides us stability and a form of certainty from which each of us can evolve and grow, and it must also find a way to restore balance.

Earth in my life had always been the benign giver and had never truly taken from me. Yet on 4/9/2010 all that changed when my home and most things within it were destroyed. At that time this felt like the ultimate betrayal of my faith.

But when I heard the phrase above it all became clear to me, Earth was merely restoring "balance', This is of course the basic tenet of the universe.

This revelation has changed my life and I have emerged from this now a stronger and more focused person. Using and growing with the crystals that themselves come from the earth my faith, energy and powers of healing are growing as my belief grows.

If you would like to experience the energy of the crystals give me a call and book your crystal healing session.

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Working with natural healing remedies to bring about a better world.